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This year Jalsa Salana USA 2005 was held at Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, VA from September 2th to September 4th 2005

Friday, September 2nd 2005.
Tilawat – Chairul Bahri, Translation – Pir Ahmad
Nazam – Mohammad Zafrullah Khan, Translation – Alhaj Dhul Waqar Yaqub
    Opening Speech By Dr. Ahsanullah Zafar (Ameer Jama’at USA)
    Tawakkal Ala Allah (Absolute Trust in Allah) By Maulana Azhar Haneef
    Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya and Our Responsibilities by Maulana Daud Hanif (Missionary In-charge and Naib Ameer)
      Nizam-e-Wasiyyat – The Divinely Established New World Order By Waseem Syed
Saturday , September 3rd 2005. (Morning Session)
Tilawat – Mohammad Ali Mumtaz, Translation – Mureed Zafar
Nazam – Riaz Rahman, Translation – Dr. Yusuf Lateef
    Attachment to the Mosque: The Path To Building Strong Ahmadiyya Communities By Ali Murtaza
    Brotherhood and Obedience By Faheem Younus Qureshi
Nazam – Syed Saadat Ahmad, Translation – Ibraheem Naeem
    Righteousness and Youth By Maulana Zia ul Haq Kausar
    The Jihad of Pen and Majlis Sultan-ul-Qalum By Amjad Khan
    MTA and the Role of USA Jamaat By Dr. Lutf ur Rahman
Saturday, September 3rd 2005. (Afternoon Session)
Tilawat – Hafiz Abdul Qudus, Translation – Bilal Abdus Salam
Nazam Chorus – Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, Translation - Tariq Sharif
Guest Introduction and Guest Speakers
    The True Teachings of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) By Dr. Ahsanullah Zafar (Ameer Jama’at USA)
Sunday, September 4th 2005.
      Tilawat – Hafiz Samiullah and Translation – Ishmael Hashim, Nazam – Mansoor Ahmad and Translation – Jalal Abdul Latif
    Khairukum Khairukum Le Ahlehi(The Best among You Is He Who Treats His Family Best)- A Moment for Introspection Speaker : Nasir Malik
    The Exalted Lives of the Companions: THe Guiding Stars of Islam Speaker : Munir Hamid (Naib Ameer)
    Nazam - Bilal Raja, Translation- Bashir Asad
      Dhikr-e-Habib- The Promised Messiah in the eyes of His Wife Hazrat Nusrat Jahan Begum Speaker: Dr. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad
      Concluding Address Speaker: Dr. Ahsanullah Zafar(Ameer Jama'at, USA)
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Jalsa Salana USA - Nazm produced by MTA USA
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